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Our story begins with the confluence of two distinct passions – to do something creative, and wildlife conservation.

Inspired by the beauty of nature and wildlife, we decided to put our creative skills to use and craft intricately patterned silver jewelry and home accessories in the shape of the animals we’re trying to conserve.

Why the name - Mangrove Avenue

Mangrove forests play a key role in preventing seasonal floods andare one of the world’s most efficient absorbers of carbon dioxide. They’re also home to several endangered animal species such as the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Olive Ridley Turtle, the Estuarine Crocodile and more, adding to the rich biodiversity of the planet. Mini universes in their own right, we wanted our brand name to echo the richness of this habitat. With Mangrove Avenue, we believe we’ve been able to do just that.

Our Design Language

Establishing our identity as artisans of nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry and home accessories, at Mangrove Avenue we ensure everything we make is handcrafted to perfection - right from ideation to polishing the finished piece, giving it that distinct finish.

We pay great attention to detail while creating our exquisite designs. You can feel the detailing within the scales, stripes, patterns, shells and feathers every time you adorn yourself or your home with our beautifully crafted products.

We also uphold our core principle of conservation and ensure we use ethically sourced silver for all of our creations. Being a precious metal, silver jewelry and home accessories are reusable, reducing waste and avoiding discard. What’s more, their classic appeal adds value to them, turning them into tokens that can be preserved for generations to come.

Protecting, Preserving and Giving back

At the heart of Mangrove Avenue lies the desire to preserve, protect and give back to the planet that supports us all. To show our commitment to this cause, we contribute 10% of our profits to organizations engaged in protecting wildlife such as the WWF and other similar conservation bodies.

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